Why Aren’t We in Staples?

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We always hear this question – “why aren’t you in Staples?” whenever datebook season rolls around.  Some people hear about the brand and look for us in office supply superstores; or just expect Quo Vadis planners to be there.

Quo Vadis is in Staples and other office superstores in Canada and France.  Quo Vadis is not in Staples in the U.S.

Why? I can’t give you a good or exact answer.  Quo Vadis planners are certainly as well known among loyal planner users as other brands.  We have approached Staples, W. B. Mason, and Office Depot with proposals.  They have visited our booth at trade shows.  We have gotten introductions from our other offices to buyers.  Nothing has ever come of these efforts.  Why?

-Possibly the fact that our paper is made in France, and the manufacturing is done in the U.S. reduces the potential profit margin to the point there is little or no interest.

-Other manufacturers put pressure on the company not to introduce competing brands.  (This has certainly been the case among some other wholesalers)

-They are not interested in replacing one of their current brands with Quo Vadis.  Since planners are a mature market, the addition of another competing brand may cannibalize sales of what is already stocked.

Sorry, but I don’t have an answer.  It’s their loss.  We have great products and great customers.


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  1. I get my yearly QV at local family-owned stationary & pen shop. I would rather support a local small business anyway.

  2. You said it. It’s their loss. As long as I can find them online, I’m happy. I use a desktop and a personal planner every year.

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