Time management Monday: How to organize your weeks in your planner

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Quo Vadis planners are designed to help you automatically organize your days and weeks by providing space to write what you need where you need it: appointments go in timed daily spaces, lists go in list boxes.

But there are even more ways to organize your writing on your weekly planner pages to help you easily see what needs done and when you have time to do it. Here are a couple of methods:

By color: To continue the organizing by color theme from last week, you can use colors to help certain items stand out on your weekly pages.

In my example below (in a Scholar planner) I have used green highlighter to indicate study sessions, orange highlighter to show exam times, black ink to indicate school-related items, blue ink for personal, and red ink for urgent. (Click on photos for a larger view.)


Spatially: You can also organize your appointments and tasks by the location you write them into your weekly pages.

In the example below (in a Space 24 planner) I have written Personal tasks in the upper left quadrant of the weekly notes page, work tasks in the upper right quadrant, home chores in the lower right quadrant, and blog posts in the lower left quadrant. Day-specific appointments and tasks go in the day spaces. This allows you to easily look where you need to find specific categories of tasks.



How do you organize your tasks and appointments in your weekly pages?

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