Quo Vadis planners with monthly pages

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One of the most-asked questions we get is: which Quo Vadis planners have monthly planning pages?

All Quo Vadis planners have Anno-planning pages with months as columns:

Anno planning

Some planners also have monthly grid calendars.

You can see all the Quo Vadis planners with monthly pages, and the types of monthlies they have, below.


Updated May 2018: the new Life Noted planners have months on two pages!

The Life Noted planners also have weekly pages, with annual and monthly review and goals pages.

All the other Quo Vadis planners with monthly pages are month on one page.

Quo Vadis planners with monthly planning pages come in a variety of sizes and formats.

All of the planners shown below have monthly grid calendar pages. You can click on the links to find more information about each planner and how to purchase.

The following planners have month per page calendars where the month is oriented sideways on the page, with full size spaces for Saturday and Sunday, like this:

Our super-popular Scholar academic year planners have an open weekly format:


The Hebdo weekly planner has the same open planning format as the Scholar, but is January-December:

Hebdo weekly planner cropped


The very popular Minister weekly planners have timed daily columns and a weekly dashboard for lists and notes:

The Academic Minister weekly planner has the same format and runs from August through July.

The following planners have month per page grids oriented upright on the page, with Saturday and Sunday sharing a block, like this:


The large Space 24 weekly planner has a notes page each week:

Space 24 cropped


The Space 17 has the same week + notes format in a pocket size planner:

Space 17 layout


The Visual weekly planner has timed daily columns to help you organize your day:



The Journal 21 has a page for every day:

Journal 21 cropped

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