Planners with fountain pen friendly paper

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We are very proud of the quality of the paper in Quo Vadis planners. The paper is made in France in an environmentally-friendly way.

All of our paper is super-smooth and designed to give a superior writing experience. Some of the papers are specifically designed to be used with fountain pen inks.

Of course your mileage may vary with papers and inks; some of the thinner papers like those used in our pocket size planners might work fine with thinner nibs and/ or certain inks.

Below is a list of planners with paper that has been designed to be used with fountain pen inks. They all feature 90g Clairefontaine white paper unless noted. Click on the name of the planners for images and information about each planner:


Academic year planners:


Academic Minister



January-December planners:






Space 24 (green tint paper)

Visual (green tint paper)


Rhodia (large only)

Visoplan pocket monthly planner


Do you use fountain pens with your planner?


3 thoughts on “Planners with fountain pen friendly paper

  1. Hello Again. I also use my Space 24 Day-Planner to record events; current or past, so I can reference them in the future if need be. As well, I save my old yearly inserts (on 5 now) as I’ve had to refer to them for a particular event, phone #’s, comments, etc… It’s saved my “tail” many a time when I’ve miss-placed salient information, et al. I gifted my brother a Space 24 and we both agree that it’s become an invaluable tool for day-to-day use!!! Best, LeRoy “The Lustful Scribe”

  2. Hello. Although the Space 24 planner is mine of choice, and is not the “green-tinted” paper, it is of such high quality; none of my many fountain pens nor their inks have ever bleed-thru. I even “doodle” and add inked images, along w/ wax seals and have never had this problem… Those purpose-made for fountain pens must be bullet-proof!!! Bottom line: They’re ALL great. Enjoy, LeRoy “The Lustful Scribe” (Blog)…

  3. I alternate between fountain pens for notes, directions, comments, etc., and Frixion erasable pens, which let me change dates and appointment times while color coding.

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