June review: the year is half over

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This year we are doing themed reviews every month. Each month will have a different theme, to get you to think more deeply about how you spent your time during the previous month. If you are doing our Page Per Day Challenge, it can be a topic for your daily writing. If you journal, these could be some journaling prompts for you.

Believe it or not, 2016 is already half over! This exercise will help you review and evaluate your year so far.

Look back through your planner and/ or journal for the past six months and think about these questions:

What were your goals at the beginning of the year? How far have you progressed toward those goals?

What were your accomplishments in the past six months? What went well?

What roadblocks did you face? What can you do to get around them in the rest of the year?

What has changed/ is different now than it was at the beginning of the year?


Now look ahead in your planner to the next six months and think about these questions:

What events are coming up in the next six months?

What things will change/ be different from how they are now?

What can you accomplish in the next six months?

How do you want to end your year?


Themed month reviews are on the last Thursday of every month. You can see all the Month Review posts here, and in the sidebar under the pull-down menu under Month Review.


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