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Our Compact and Desk size Quo Vadis weekly planners with refillable covers come with a removable booklet for addresses and notes. This booklet has changed form several times over the years.

Originally it was formatted for addresses and phone numbers. There were designated spaces labeled with icons to indicate where to write names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc. We received feedback from a lot of customers that they no longer used the booklets because they keep their contacts information elsewhere (mainly electronically) and would prefer the booklet to be adapted for notes.

So the booklet was reformatted to be a plain notes booklet. And the complaints rolled in.

It turned out, the customers who still used the booklet for addresses really missed the formatted pages and wanted them back.

So a compromise was made to try to please people who want an addresses booklet and people who want a notes booklet. A new booklet was developed with pages for addresses and notes. The result: everyone hates it.

I personally can’t figure out why, because I think it’s great. Below are photos from the booklet that is currently included with Compact and Desk size planners in refillable covers:


The first page is lined for notes:


The next two-page spread is formatted for birthdays, anniversaries and recurring events. I think this is very handy in a book that can be used year after year.


Next there are three two-page spreads formatted for addresses:


Then there is a two-page spread for websites and passwords:


Next there are several pages for notes, lined:




And dot-grid (hard to see in this photo because the dots are faint):


The lined, blank and dot-grid pages are perforated for easy removal should you wish to do so.

I think this booklet would be useful for everyone, but the opposite seems to be the case.

We really want to provide our customers with useful products, so we would like your feedback on this booklet. What would you prefer instead? Would lined pages throughout the book be better, so users could adapt the booklet to be used for addresses, notes, or any other purpose? Or would you prefer a booklet formatted in a particular way?

Please post a comment here with your suggestions and recommendations. Thank you for your feedback everyone!

7 thoughts on “Address and notes insert booklet

  1. Should have options for notebook inserts, and refills available. I could easily fill up a 12 page notebook in couple of weeks, it would be nice to buy several for each year and file them away.

  2. I really miss the pages for address and phone numbers. I like it with the alphabet tabs. I do keep them electronically but a paper back up is necessary. I really like the password page also. You could have two versions and people could request their preference. I have been using quo vadis weekly planner 7’x9 3/8 for almost 25 years. Don’t change what works!!

  3. Hi I’ve only started using quo vadis planner this year. Posting from Australia.
    I was looking for note insert as I love to write on this planner paper. Incredibly smooth and fountain pen friendly (no see through).

    – website password too insecure to be written down
    – for the current 2016 planner space 24, there was address section already, i would definitely prefer more note paper

    ps such a pain to get quo vadis from aus…

  4. I want an insert booklet of lined pages – a notebook. The pages should be narrowly lined. [similar to the spacing in the addresses and notes section in the Notor]. Thus, I can design the book the way I want.

    Alternatively, I suggest the following:

    All of the pages of the insert booklet should be narrowly lined.
    Put several pages in the front of the book for notes; next
    Put pages for addresses & phone numbers; next
    Put the 1 page for web addresses immediately preceding the Annual Events pages. I would NEVER write my passwords in my planner; and finally
    Put a two page spread for “Annual Events” in the back of the book. If you label the spread “Annual Events,” it can be used for: birthdays, anniversaries, annual work related commitments, annual personal related commitments (i.e. annual physical; tax payments; etc.). Skip the party hats and balloon icons!

    The icons at the top of the page, perhaps in a lighter/fainter shade so it’s visible for those who want to use the page for addresses, web addresses, etc. but easily ignored for those who would prefer using it for notes.

  5. Here is a comment we received via email:

    At least 12 pages lined that I can be used as we see fit. In my case they would be used as monthly reoccurring events pages. Then a few blank pages for notes, projects, passwords etc. That kind of notes insert for me would be ideal.

  6. As I begin to move into my Principal I’ll make an effort to try the booklet; I keep other notebooks for this sort of record so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to work it into my planner workflow.

    One change I made to try to use it, is move the notebook from the back to the front cover.

    Personally I tend to find notebooks that have different types of rule frustrating. I’d rather the entire thing blank (yuck) or the entire thing lined (even if it’s not at a rule i prefer).

    I like David’s suggestions of fainter icons, perhaps all of them across the top so you could circle/highlight/colour what that page is — annual events, address pages, general notes, whatever (perhaps a travel icon for a packing list? a present/gift box for either birthday/anniversaries or a list of gifts given or received), I like the idea of a bold every x lines (a la current address pages) and “dotted line” across the top/bottom (a la kokoyu campus notebooks) so it can be grid or columns if desired.

    personally i don’t like the icon choice of annual 2-page spread of the party hat & ballon but that is incredibly minor and will not prevent me from using it.

  7. I suggest keeping the annual events two-page spread, then filling the rest with something like the current addresses two-page spread with a bit of reformatting:

    *Keep it ruled, with the current bolder line on every 4th line. (Similar in layout to Maruman Mnemosyne notebooks.)

    *Go ahead and keep the icons at the top of the page, perhaps in a lighter/fainter shade so it’s visible for those who want to use the page for addresses, but easily ignorable for those who would prefer using it for notes. (Hobonichi Techo planners have subtle icon prompts for laying out the day. I know a few people who use these, but none as a planner. They simply ignore the icons and use the books as notebooks or journals instead.)

    *Eliminate the vertical lines, which make it harder to use the page as a general notebook. The icons at the top of the page will suffice to help those who want to use as an address book with layout. Alternatively, a small dot or vertical tick mark on each line could be used to subtly replace the vertical line. (Kokoyu Campus notebooks feature something like this.)

    I believe this more generalized layout could replace the address, websites, lined, blank, and dot grid pages throughout the rest of the notebook.

    Let me know what you think – if be happy to help further if you like!

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