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Keeping in touch while traveling is so much faster and easier now, obviously, with email and international texting than it was back in the day when postcards were the main form of communication with friends and family back home. But you have to admit, there’s nothing like receiving a post card in the mail. Despite the small writing space, a lot can be communicated by the writing, the exotic postage stamps, and the image on the front of the card. I still enjoy sending and receiving postcards, and collect them from places I like.

I recently found a few blogs dedicated to postcards. Ana at My World Of Postcards has an amazing collection of postcards from around the world.  I love that she also shows photos of the postage stamps! She also does private postcard swaps, so if you would like a postcard penpal, visit her Private Swaps page.

This one is fascinating: Postcards Then And Now shows early 20th century postcards from England, showing the image on the postcard compared to the same view on Google Street View now! It’s neat to see how some places have changed a lot, and others still look almost the same.

Here’s another blog for postcard penpals: Postcrossing connects penpals from all over the world. You can “send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person in the world!” See how it’s done here.

Do you like to send and/ or receive post cards?

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  1. aww, thank you so much for the kind words! that is so nice of you!
    I’ve noticed some traffic coming to my blog coming from this link…and I was so pleasantly surprised 🙂

    I would be really glad to cheer up your mailbox with a postcard, so if that’s ok with you, please send me your address at that privateswaps address 🙂

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