Time management Monday: Recurring annual events

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Here’s a trick I use for events that happen at the same time every year: I write them in the Notes booklet in the back of my planner. This keeps me from having to sift through my planner every year when it’s time to transfer recurring dates to my new planner.

I use a page for each month, with a line for each date, and write in important things that happen on that date every year like birthdays, anniversaries, insurance renewals, etc. Things that must be done sometime during the month but not on a specific date go at the top of the page.

For birthdays and anniversaries I add the year so I know which age people are turning or how many years of marriage the couple will celebrate that year.

Below you can see an example:


Each year I transfer my booklet over to my new planner, and use it to fill in these important dates.

3 thoughts on “Time management Monday: Recurring annual events

  1. i ordered the extra notes insert to use as you suggested, however the notebook I received has blank pages instead of the lined pages shown in your example. Following the links in the article only brings me to the blank page versions. How do I find the lined versions?

  2. This is one of the many things that the Monthly pages work great for in the Space 24. Also the Semi-Annual pages. I color-code the little boxes as to what kind of event it is. It works great! I love the weekly planning format, but couldn’t make it without the Monthly and Semi-Annual pages also.

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