Time management Monday: Quo Vadis 2016-2017 Academic year planners now available!

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The 2016-2017 academic year planners are now available to order from Classic Office Supplies (where they are currently on sale for a discounted price) and will be at other retailers soon if not already.

Quo Vadis academic year planners come in a variety of sizes and formats and are perfect for students, teachers, professors, school administrators, parents and anyone else whose life follows the academic year. Planners are available in pocket, medium, and large sizes, in open formats or in structured schedule formats. Covers are available in a variety of styles including professional-looking, refillable, spiral-bound, colorful and fun. Here are the planners in the Academic-year range:

There are several weekly formats to choose from. If you want an open-planning format that allows you to write appointments, lists and notes in your day spaces, have a look at the extremely popular Scholar or pocket size Sapa X Academic planner.

large and small weekly planners

Open format planners

If you want to keep track of your schedule and plan your busy week by the hour, there are several great options: the Septanote with daily notes spaces, the Academic Minister planner or the pocket size University planner. All of these planners have list spaces on the weekly pages and Priority boxes for every day. These planners help busy people focus on priorities, see your entire schedule at a glance, and keep track of your weekly tasks.

weekly_planning_diaries_2000 (2)

Weekly planners with timed days

If you need a weekly planner with a daily timed schedule, space for daily notes, and categorized daily lists, you want the unique format of the Principal weekly planner:


Principal weekly planner

If you want to focus on each day with a day-per-page academic planner, you want the best-selling Textagenda planner, which is available with a wide range of cover options including refillable or spiral bound.

Textagenda 2015 cropped

Textagenda academic year day per page planner

If you need help choosing which planner is for you, see my post Choosing A Planner To Fit Your Needs. That post will help you decide which size and format of planner will best work for you.

If you need more help or suggestions for choosing your planner, please leave a comment! I’m happy to help you find the best planner for you.


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