Quo Vadis Cal App – Syncing Questions

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One of Quo Vadis Blog readers wrote to us to say her company requested employees utilize the Quo Vadis Cal app as their daily planning tool.  However, her challenge was to sync her iPhone and iPad with the app.  Could we help?

Answer: as long as you have the same iCloud account, and the app is on both devices, they should sync.

Go to Settings in the Quo Vadis Cal app and make sure your iCloud sync is turned on.  If you are prompted to connect your iCloud account to synchronize the settings, go to Systems Settings > iCloud.  In iCloud, make sure the iCloud Drive is activated for Quo Vadis Cal.

Someone else asked if the app syncs with Google Agenda (Calendar).  It does.  It also works with Yahoo! Calendar and Outlook.

Quo Vadis is working on an Android version.  It may be released toward the end of 2016.

You can download the Quo Vadis Cal app for free on iTunes.

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