Chartwell Watershed waterproof notebook

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I was very excited to receive a sample of the Chartwell Watershed waterproof notebook to try out! This is a new addition to the Exaclair lineup, and was shown here on Rhodia Drive.


The top-spiral notebook measures 4 by 6 inches and comes in grid or ruled pages (shown) with the back sides of the pages blank, which is handy for sketching. The plastic cover is durable and waterproof, and the paper is waterproof.


I had fun testing a few different writing instruments on the waterproof paper. On the dry page I wrote with pencil (Ticonderoga), ball point (Ink Joy) and roller gel (Signo RT). Due to the coating on the paper, ink drying times are longer than usual. Performance on the paper depends on the type of ink.



After the inks had time to dry, I tore out the page and ran it under the water faucet. The pencil showed no change, the ball point ink blurred slightly. The roller gel ink partly washed away, but enough was left behind to be readable.


Then I tried all three on a soaking wet page. I tore out a page and ran it under the faucet, then wrote on it. As you can see the pencil was perfectly fine, the ball point had some skipping, and the roller gel was a runny mess. Again, it’s down to the type of ink you use as to how it performs with water.


In general I would recommend using pencil on these pages to ensure writability without smearing. Unfortunately I don’t have a Fisher Space Pen to test on this paper, but if anyone happens to do that test please let us know the results!

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  1. Hi Laurie, I was waiting for such a waterproof paper from Clairefontaine since I heard about Rite in Rain products, and get very exited when Rhodia Drive presented the notepad.
    I don’t have a w.p. notebook, but from what I read, pencil is usually the best option. Regarding the Fisher Space Pen, you can read here ( that it performs… poorly according to my opinion.
    This said, I have a space pen so … well… if you need any tester … I could… hum… … hum… 😉

    I just hope it will be available in Montreal, Canada. I have to buy some ink at my favorite stationery. I’ll have a look.
    Thanks for the review.

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