Writing Wednesday: When to start a new notebook

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I’ve been using a daily notebook for more than two years now, and I go through several notebooks in a year. I use at least one page every day for journaling and notes, and sometimes more. Anyone who is using a notebook for our Page Per Day Challenge this year will use several notebooks this year. An obvious question with a not-so-obvious answer is, when is a good time to change over to a new notebook?

Some people fill up their notebooks to the very last page, then start a new notebook the next day. While this is a very efficient use of your pages, it’s not the easiest way to archive books if you want to look up something later. In my experience, it’s much easier to find things later when I finish a notebook on the last day of the month, even if it’s not completely filled in, then start a new notebook on the first day of the month.

Similarly, if I’m going to be traveling or starting a new era (like the beginning of the school year, for example), I like to start a new notebook at the beginning of that month. In the past I’ve started a new notebook at the start of a trip, but that made it harder to find non-trip related information from that month when the month was split into two different notebooks.

Starting a new notebook on the first of the month makes it much easier to archive books by date, and look things up later. On any unused pages, I stick in the things I’ve collected in the back pocket of my notebook so those pages aren’t wasted and I can easily see the little papers, stickers, tickets and whatever else I’ve collected while my notebook was in daily use.

When do you like to start a new notebook?

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