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Recently we received a request from a customer asking for a notebook with 12 months of monthly planning pages at the front of the book, and the rest of the pages blank for Bullet Journaling. We don’t currently offer a notebook like this, but we started brainstorming possibilities.

If we were to make a notebook with monthly planning pages, would you prefer the months to be dated so you don’t have to fill the dates in yourself, or undated so you can start the notebook any time?

An alternative is to slip a monthly planner into the pocket of the notebook. That way when the notebook fills up, you can move the monthly planner over to the new notebook easily. The pocket size Visoplan and Exaplan monthly planners are especially good options for this.

Another option is to cut the pages out of a Visoplan or Exaplan monthly planner and tape or glue those pages into the front pages of the notebook.

Something we don’t currently make but that I’ve been thinking about are monthly calendar booklets designed to fit the planners and notebooks, like the address/ notes booklets that come with some of the planners but as monthly planners instead. A slim monthly booklet could fit into the back pocket of a Habana notebook or into the cover pocket of a weekly planner. Is this something you might be interested in?

Another possibility is to offer PDF downloads of monthly pages to print and stick into your notebook. Is this an option you would like?

We would love to get your feedback on these ideas. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think!

11 thoughts on “Reader suggestion: Notebook with monthly pages

  1. Any news on the possibility of a monthly calendar insert for Habana? Even if there was an Exaplan made larger for the Habana, that would be ideal!

  2. This is beginning to sound like my kind of planner. I like A5 or slightly larger (A4 is too big to be happy in my shoulder bag). I need month to view to keep track of which school I’m supposed to be at, and then somewhere to write lesson plans and evaluations for each school and also a single place to note all the to-do things I gather through the week (replace broken drum, email a parent etc)

    I’ve been using the large Moleskine month to view planner which has lots of space around the month pages for notes and a plain double spread after each month. It’s nearly right but the paper is off-colour and not fpf and the print is too pale.

    I’ve abandoned it and ruled up a Mark’s Tokyo Edge notebook (and wallet) but that took FOREVER!

  3. Coincidentally I have just acquired an A5 notebook with exactly this setup for project planning purposes. The product I have is lined but would prefer dot grid for flexibility. One of the main benefits of this approach is having a clear time map but also consolidating key notes/actions/bullets into the one notebook with enough working space. Would love to see QV produce this especially for fountain pen freidnly paper stock.

  4. Being able to get a template so I could print out on suitable paper to match the 8×11 size and use my ARC punch would be great. Many of the current offerings are too slim for large planners and I need space to WRITE, not just tick off dates.

    With a bound, undated annual pack, I could buy several and go multiple years out, thus solving my biggest analog paper planner issue. Sweet! I’m already well into 2017 with my planning and stuck using software. We all know how reliable software is – NOT!

  5. my dream: both the current annual pages & a monthly calendar with holidays to cover a year and a half, starting October through whole year to the following April (or depending on max page restrictions multiple books for each quarter & next month) and either grid or dot grid in the back pages. if page numbers could be on the top outer corner so we could still have the page tear on the bottom, that would be amazing. I don’t know if this can work in A5 size i’ve gone through many monthly A5 calendars and there’s quite a bit of wasted space on each page, i’d buy it in “standard” 7×9&3/8″ aka 18x24cm size of the trinote/principle planners.

    i’d also love the slim monthly book as mentioned above to fit in the current range.

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