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It’s no April Fools, Quarter 1 2016 is over! It’s time for a Quarterly Review and Goals Evaluation.

Take a look back at your goals for 2016. You wrote them down, right? If you didn’t, that’s okay. Take some time now to think about what you want to accomplish this year, and write down your goals. For many people, this time of year is actually a better time than January to set achievable goals.

For a quick crash course in goal setting, see this post on how to break down big life-changing goals into a workable plan; then see this post on how to work goal actions into your daily schedule; then look at this post to see how to make your goal actions your daily priorities. Now you know how to dream big, make a plan, and work those actions into your daily tasks.

Whether you drew up your goals three months ago or just now, take a look at what you have already accomplished toward your goals and what you still need to do. Congratulate yourself on what you have already completed. Great job on working toward your goals!

If there was anything you had planned to have finished by now (completed, or milestones achieved) but didn’t get done, what prevented you from reaching these short term goals? Whether it was procrastination, illness/ injury, or other life situations, write these roadblocks down. Now do a mind map to figure out ways to break through these roadblocks so you can get back on track to work through your goals for the rest of the year. What can you do to be more effective at completing your goal tasks this quarter?

Look through your goals from January and think about which priorities have changed. Do you need to put some of those goals on the back burner for awhile to focus on more urgent priorities right now? If so, write a reminder in your planner to revisit these goals when your urgent ones are done.

Are there any goals that are no longer relevant? Free yourself to let those go without guilt. If you decided you no longer want to write that e-book (or whatever it is), that is completely okay. Plans change and life moves on.

Now that you know what you have accomplished already, you’ve identified your roadblocks and how to break through them, and you’ve re-evaluated your priorities, it’s time to write your refreshed goals for the new quarter (April-May-June).

Three months is a good amount of time to accomplish something significant. It’s short enough to focus your attention and actions, and long enough to see some real results.

Track your goal tasks to encourage you to accomplish your daily goals. Write the details in your planner of miles run/ your food diary/ etc. or use a simple tracking system to easily see which days you completed your goal tasks. Visual indicators like these make it very easy to see when you are working your plan and when you’ve gone off track.

How are your goals coming along? What can you do to power through your goals next quarter?

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