Notes booklets

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Notes booklets

You might not be aware that we have notes booklets available for our medium size planners including the Minister, Academic Minister, Scholar, Hebdo, and Space 24 weekly planners. These notes booklets are available from Paper Bistro.

The notes booklets can be used in lots of ways: as a place to jot notes and record information; as a spot for daily journaling; a place to keep contacts; as a creative outlet for decorating and scrapbooking; and any other way you like. Because they fit into the pocket of your planner, they are easy to change out when your notebook fills up. They are so slim and light, you can also use them on their own as a very portable notebook.

Another use for these notebooks is to create a monthly booklet as we discussed in last week’s post. You could draw in monthly calendars and use the booklet in a Habana notebook (trimming the back cover of the notes booklet just slightly, to slide into the Habana’s back pocket). This would give you a monthly planner inside your notebook that you could easily move over to your new notebook when your old one gets full. This is a great option for folks who want an easy way to plan ahead in their Bullet Journal or similar notebook.

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