April review: Highs and Lows

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Maverick at Cedar Point

This year we are doing themed reviews every month. Each month will have a different theme, to get you to think more deeply about how you spent your time during the previous month. If you are doing our Page Per Day Challenge, it can be a topic for your daily writing. If you journal, these could be some journaling prompts for you.

The theme for this month’s review is highs and lows. Look back through your planner and/ or journal for April and think about these questions:

What were some great things that happened this month? What were some things that made you happy? What were your successes? What did you work hard on, and saw good results? What positive social encounters did you have? What was fun, fascinating, and exciting?

Now think about the lows. What disappointments did you have this month? What did you hope to do but you didn’t get to do? What did you expect to accomplish but didn’t manage to finish? What were some sad things that happened this month? What were some things that made you angry?

Did you notice anything that was both good and bad, happy and sad? For example, the sadness of going to a funeral, but the happiness at seeing your family and friends there?

What lessons can you learn about your highs and lows? Think of ways to do more of the things that made you happy this month. And think of ways to overcome the things that made you feel bad this month.

Themed month reviews are on the last Thursday of every month. You can see all the Month Review posts here, and in the sidebar under the pull-down menu under Month Review.

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