Writing Wednesday: Photo captions

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Wallace Sharpe. WW1 Photograph Album

Back in the “olden days” when I used to get prints of my photos, I wasn’t always the best at getting them into albums and writing captions to describe the date, location and event captured in the photo. If you were more disciplined than I was, it was easy to do with printed photos: you could write this information in the photo book next to or under the photo, or on the back of the photo itself.

Later when I used online photo services, I was able to upload my photos into “albums” and write captions for each photo, if I wanted. However the sheer volume of photos meant I didn’t usually take the time to caption each photo.

Now I don’t write captions for my photos at all. I just take the photos, and they remain in digital form. The photos are automatically arranged by date, so at least I know when the photo was taken. I do write a journal, so if I needed more information on photos from a certain date I could cross-reference it with that date in my journal. But I know I’m not likely to do that.

There will probably come a day in the future when I can’t remember where we were or what the event was that I photographed, and I’ll wish I had photo captions.

Do you attach information to your photos? Or like me do you leave them captionless?

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  1. We have 30 photo albums, all carefully captioned and negatives all organized by date. This was before the digital photography. And now? All the photos are on Flickr and nothing happens to them anymore. I have been disappointed with the quality of the prints from various companies and have given up on continuing with our album collection. Too bad, as we as a family love to browse through the books. I am also overwhelmed by the mass of photos taken nowadays.

  2. You should check out Project Life by Becky Higgins. I love this way of scrapbooking and preserving that info, and it’s so easy using her app.

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