Writing Wednesday, Page Per Day Challenge: Keeping up the habit

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For those of you doing our Page Per Day Challenge, and anyone who endeavors to journal every day, how is your daily writing habit going?

Remember, it’s not meant to be a chore. The point of our Page Per Day Challenge is to let you capture your days page by page, resulting in a record of memories of your entire year.

You can write anything on your daily page: what happened during the day (as a simple log or more detailed journal); quotes, notes, things to remember, a sketch per day, etc. You can stick things into your book or draw on the pages. It’s totally up to you. Anything you capture that day is your record.

The best way to write daily is to keep your book with you all the time, or as much as you can. Your notebook or day per page planner becomes your landing place for all those little bits of information that come at you during the day: ideas, numbers, sketches, notes. When you capture these things on your daily pages, you always know where to look when you want to find them again.

There have been lots of posts so far in our Page Per Day Challenge series. There are posts with ideas for how to use your page every day, including as a gratitude journal, writing lists each day, writing a novel one page at a time, thinking about when you will write to encourage your daily habit, and how to get over the intimidation of making those first marks on an empty page.

In the post How To Write Interesting Content In Your Journal, Terry made a point in the comments that the best way to write interesting content in your journal is to do interesting things to write about. I think everyone can agree that “Went to work, watched tv” is not something that is interesting to read later. While we can’t all have exciting and eventful days every day of the year, you can make a point to do more interesting things to write about. Write your impressions of the book you are reading or a good conversation you had. Note wildlife observations. Write your gratitude list or three good things that happened each day. There are plenty of things you can capture on your daily pages.

The post Links For Inspiration For Daily Writing has links to various websites including Bullet Journal, Austin Kleon’s logbook method, podcasts and more. Look there for lots of ideas for ways to write/ journal every day.

In this post you can see photos of how I use my notebook pages every day. In Kenneth’s guest post you can see how he uses his Journal 21 day per page planner every day. And check out tomorrow’s post for another Page Per Day Challenger showing us how she’s using her Notor day per page planner!

And don’t worry if you miss a day every now and then. Here’s an easy way to back-fill your day pages.

Are you doing the Page Per Day Challenge? What have you been capturing on your day pages?

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