Writing Wednesday: Journaling hesitation

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Pen and Paper

I find myself hesitating to write in my journal on important days like birthdays and major events. I feel a certain amount of pressure to perfectly capture the moment. I know that whatever I write in my journal will affect my memories of the event. I will remember it in the way I have framed it, and the details I record will be remembered more clearly than what I don’t record. Any details I don’t manage to record could possibly be forgotten forever.

To try to get over my performance anxiety, I usually leave it for a day or two before I journal about a big event. After that amount of time, I remember the highlights and can more clearly journal the things I want to remember long-term. Sometimes I do my back-filling technique of jotting a brief summary of the day then filling in the details later, but usually I just leave the page blank until I get back to it the next day.

Do you ever feel pressure to perfectly capture important moments in your journal?

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