Time management Monday: Put it where you’ll need it.

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Many time management and organization gurus advocate tickler files and other organizational systems to keep track of things like tickets and cards you’ll need at a later date. I don’t use these, instead I put the thing where I’ll need it when it’s time to use it.

For example, I put tickets in my wallet. When I arrive at the door of the ticketed event, I know I will have my wallet with me, so it’s the best place to put the tickets. I don’t have to file them somewhere and then try to remember/ possibly forget to take them with me to the event. I just put them directly into my wallet and I don’t have to think about it any more.

For cards to places where I’ll need to make another appointment in the future, like the hair salon, doctor or dentist, I tape the card into one of the back pages of my planner. Many people put these types of cards into their wallet, but in that case when it’s time to make an appointment I would have to have both my wallet and my planner in hand. I’ll be writing the appointment into my planner, so by keeping the card in my planner I have everything I need in one place when it’s time to call to make the next appointment.

If you are going on a trip soon, start putting things you need into your travel bag as you accumulate them: chargers/ adaptors, extra medicines, passport, even your money for your trip (especially any foreign currency).

Years ago my roommate told me about how she had worked so hard and saved up for months for her spring break trip in college. She knew she would have to budget very carefully during her trip so she decided to take her money as cash so she could keep careful track of her spending. So she cashed her paychecks and saved up her cash, and put it in a safe place so she wouldn’t spend it before her trip. But when she was packing for the trip, she couldn’t remember where she put her money that she’d saved. She looked everywhere, but didn’t find it. Because she didn’t have her money, she couldn’t go on the trip and was extremely disappointed. Months later she found her money–in her file folder labeled M for money!


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  1. I currently have date sensitive items such as soon-to-be expiring coupons, a raffle ticket and a reminder for my car’s oil change/tire rotation paper clipped to the weekly page in my planner that it actually occurs

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