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QV: Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
NA: I’m a multi-genre novelist and explorer. A once-was archaeologist that traded trowel for pen. A Texas native, Kansas City transplant with a passion for the Middle East.

You can browse my body of work, read short stories and essays from the road, as well as stay up to date on future novels by subscribing to my website at nicholasandriani.com

You can also follow along on Instagram @nicholasandriani and Twitter @nickandriani

QV: How and when did you first discover Quo Vadis products?
NA: Back in 2012 I moved to the Middle East to pursue work and as a parting gift from a buddy of mine received a pocket Habana, this one became something of a trophy. This is when I discovered my passion for writing, and painting and have been been devoted to Quo Vadis ever since.

Quo Vadis Sahara

QV:  Which are your favorite Quo Vadis products? What do you like about them?
NA: Like a broken record, I always return to the Habana. The name alone is intriguing. I use a pocketbook for taking notes and rough sketches while using a large for watercolours. The paper grade is just damn lovely, holding up to inky pens and water paint without issue.

Then there’s the “Journal 21.” That ideal companion. Even in the age of tech, I feel there is something far more tangible and true to be able to physically chart a schedule. I’ve tried using my phone, my computer. It always fails, I always fail to follow through. Not only is this planner refillable, but includes an address book and plenty of space for memo’s. Who could resist?

QV: Do you always use the same product(s) or do you change periodically?
NA: I have a tendency to stick with the ones I know and love. Especially considering the Habana’s ability to hold up to my preferred medium.

QV: Do you use them in any way that is specific to your work?
NA: Absolutely. Having access to a compact and reliable notebook is absolutely crucial to my work. Every morning I pocket my little Habana, there’s no telling when inspiration may strike.


QV: Does using Quo Vadis products make your job easier in any way? (Do quality tools make the job easier?)
NA: There’s simply nothing on the market like Quo Vadis. Everything from the texture and weight of the paper to the solid frame of the cover, they all conspire to create a masterful notebook. With strong binding and an extremely resilient elastic ribbon, my notebooks have gone through hell and back, to return elegant as ever.

QV: Do you prefer using pencil, pen, or other? Favorites?
NA: The pen is mightiest. My preferred tool being an ‘Edge’ from Cross Pens. They make the smoothest lines across your paper. Really quite a pairing.

I’ve recently rediscovered the utilitarian nature of pencils and have a habit of shopping for these sticks of lead at a letterpress studio in Kansas City, called Hammerpress.

QV: Where do you regularly purchase Quo Vadis products?

NA: Hyatt’s has definitely become my go-to resource.

QV: Is there any way we could improve on your favorite product?
NA: I wouldn’t mind seeing a series produced specifically for handling paint. At the same time, I couldn’t be more pleased with your current fleet of notebooks.

Thank you deeply for this opportunity! It’s quite something to be able to partner with one of my favourite brands on the market!

Many thanks to Nicholas for sharing his love of Quo Vadis products with us! If you would like to be featured here on Quo Vadis blog showing how you use your Quo Vadis planner and/ or notebooks, email Laurie (at) Exaclair (dot) com. If you are featured we will send you a Quo Vadis planner or notebook of your choice as a thank you gift!

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  1. Thanks for this “serie” of fan profiles. I (we?) learn so much. Watercolor on Habana? The idea never occured to me. I have to try 🙂

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