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The Roadbook travel notebooks are part of the Clairefontaine Basics Life.unplugged lineup: “Rugged, essential and expedition ready, whether exploring the Silk Road or Soho, Clairefontaine Basics are the perfect companion for wilderness or urban adventures.”

The Roadbooks come in two sizes: 3 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches, and 6 by 8 1/4 inches. The cover colors are tan, black, red, green or blue. This Roadbook is the larger size, with the red cover.

The flexible cover is made of heavy card, with a leather-textured look and feel. The Roadbook has rounded corners and an elastic strap to make it easy to carry in your bag.


The front page has an old-world style map and a place for personalization:


The paper is ultra white, super smooth and 90 gsm for a superior writing experience. The paper is acid-free and PEFC certified. There are 64 sheets, resulting in a slim and portable book. The spine is glued for durability. The lined pages have 8mm ruling.


The back page has the Clairefontaine logo:


The Roadbook is designed to be your travel companion and is ready to go with you everywhere.

Recently we did a giveaway of Roadbooks to see how they hold up to heavy travel and day to day use. As participants send in their photos I will post them here so we can all see how the Roadbooks perform.

Clairefontaine Roadbooks are available at and from other retailers.

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