Guest post: How Susanne uses her Notor daily planner

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Hi! My name is Susanne and I am a paper and pen addict. I cannot walk past the stationery section without touching and leafing through journals, picking up a couple, putting them into my shopping cart, then browsing some more and putting them all back because my shelves at home do not have any more space. Same with pens, pencils and fountain pens. (And off-topic, I have the same issue with yarn, but that would be a post for a different website).

Although I own multiple journal books, leather ring binders, composition books, spiral notebooks etc., I actually prefer to use only one book for all my notes. In the past I have carried with me a ring-binder filled with ‘week-on-two-pages’ diary inserts, and 5 – 8 different project tabs – however, I was not making efficient use of it at all.

Then in December I was lucky to win the Quo Vadis Notor and I could not wait to start making changes to my 2016 journaling and planning.

This year I also signed up for the ‘Quo Vadis Page Per Day Challenge‘. And that is how I got to meet Laurie electronically (“Hi Laurie”) and she asked if I would write a guest post about my Quo Vadis Planner experience.

I have written a short review on my own blog of my first impression a few days after receiving the Notor. Now that I have used it for some time, I have much more appreciation for this little guy.

And I say little guy, as this compact journal is the perfect size (4 3/4″ x 6 3/4″ (12 x 17 cm)) to carry around with me. It fits in every one of my bags and it is light weight.

So, what do I like about the Notor and how have I been using it?

No rings. Writing on each page, either the left side or the right side is so much easier, no rings to block your wrist when you are writing the last word in a row.

The quality of the paper is awesome. I have just purchased another fountain pen, a Parker Vector, fine-nibbed, and it writes so smoothly on this paper, no bleeding at all.

The page layout. The one-day-per-page diary is a exactly what I need, to keep me journaling on a daily basis. I do not tend to write long stories, just notes throughout the day. There are about 14 rows for notes per page, totally sufficient. The need for sticky-notes has lessened.

The compact hourly scheduling section on top of the page is large enough for the occasional appointment or reminder. The bluish high-lighted Priority note-box shows the main holid

ays and what I just noticed to my delight, a number combination, depicting days gone by and days left this year (40-326 on February 9th), I think that’s cool. And I just noticed that the time on top is also listed in the 24-hour format. Just the way that I am used to read time. Amazing that I seem to discover little things just now.

The annual planner is located at the very beginning of the journal, arranged over 2 pages that fall open and lie flat, which is visually perfect for a clear overview. I have marked it with recurring events, like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The page that follows is the calendar 2016 on one page, weeks are numbered. Also very clearly formatted and helpful.


At first I was not so sure about the blue color used throughout the journal, but now I can work with it, maybe I have gotten used to it, I actually like it. Except for the map section, that is still very difficult for me to decipher. I have taken some colored world maps that I had in another planner and taped them into that section which I can use as reference. And believe me, it has happened many times that I had to point a finger on a country to show where it is located.

The Notor is my catch-all. I take many different notes every day; from appointments and reminders to quotes that I find, new words and their definition, dreams that I had, lists of movies I should see, books I should read, events of that day, weather of that day and project ideas, just to mention some.


As I like to keep some of these notes, I would like to organize them by topic, so at the end of each month, I plan to copy my notes over to subject specific notebooks where they have a permanent home. So my addiction of journals and books comes in handy as I have a dream journal, a book journal, a knitting notebook, etc.

I mark the items I want to keep either by using a different color or highlighting them, so that they are easy to spot when I review the month.


I use the Notor every day, at home and at the office. So I can say, it is my daily companion and it has been working very well for my needs.

Many thanks to Susanne for showing us how she is using her Notor! If you would like to be featured here on Quo Vadis blog showing how you use your Quo Vadis planner or notebook, please email Laurie (at) Exaclair (dot) com. If you are featured, we will send you a Quo Vadis planner or notebook of your choice as a thank you gift!

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