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bleu nuit

We are aiming to profile a new Featured Ink every 6-7 weeks on the J. Herbin website.  The latest is Bleu Nuit, or Midnight Blue.

The Featured Ink page includes a video of the ink, reviews and suggested retailers.

Bleu Nuit is among the most popular J. Herbin inks. Even with the romantic name, it is a solid, dark blue ink.  While Eclat de Saphir has light, Bleu Nuit has depth.

If you have used or use Bleu Nuit, your feedback is welcome.



One thought on “Featured Ink – Bleu Nuit

  1. This is an absolute go-to ink. Not just a lovely color, but safe in all my pens so that it’s dependable and reliable for performance in even the most expensive, light-colored or clear demonstrator of my collection. Loathe the antiquated bottle that requires immediate decanting into another container, but the quality of the ink more than makes up for the inconvenience of tossing the bottle in order to use it.

    The sparkly inks might be fun and have glorious colors, but this is an ink I can trust not to clog irreplaceable pens and still give an awesome writing performance down to the shading with my larger nibs. If in doubt, I start with this one.

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