Does “Green” Matter?

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Does being “green” matter?  I would like to think so, but I’m not sure.  It is one thing both Quo Vadis and Clairefontaine emphasize–their environmental commitment–but it never has spurred much interest.

If all things are equal, including the price, the “green-friendly” manufacturing probably influences a purchase.  But, if people have to pay a few dollars more, or even a dollar more, I’m not sure the investment the company has made in clean technology or sourcing is sufficient to overcome price.

Among the least viewed pages on our websites are those detailing our respect for conservation and the environment. It is a question we rarely receive from consumers or prospective retailers.

Is “green friendly” important to you?  Where does it rank when you are trying to decide what kind of notebook or planner to purchase?



8 thoughts on “Does “Green” Matter?

  1. It is important to me – but I also didn’t know it was a value of Quo Vadis or Clairefontaine. I think I felt like I was giving up on that by using paper at all. It’s good to know.

  2. Absolutely it is very important. The quality of the paper is why I pay more for a QuoVadis planner and notebooks and also pay shipping of $7.00+ rather than running down to the local office supply chain and getting something cheaper. Whether they read that portion of the website or not, I think that your customers are much more aware of it than you realize. They may be already well informed, having purchased from you for years, and do not feel the need to read about it again.

  3. It is very hard to find your “green” page. I searched for it after reading this post and it took me a few tries to find it. Maybe you could feature your environmental message more prominently.

  4. If it’s a tie-breaker between two companies, I’ll choose green. But when it’s down to whether I can buy it at all, then price is the driving force. I try to squeak a little higher to keep jobs at home or close to home, but often the price point is so much higher for green that it negates any benefit. I try to go green, but I’m going to push harder to make my income go toward organic and non-GMO food over products.

    Unfortunately, buying green is often a luxury. I envy people who can afford options like solar because it’s very much out of reach for me. Lets face it, when it comes to choosing between the Dollar Store stuff masquerading as paper and the “good stuff” like Clairefontaine, there’s a huge spread. I save up and pay it as often as possible because I love the quality. But it’s a hoarded stash for my beloved pens and coursework I intend to keep. If it’s a project that will get recycled quickly, the Dollar Store nasty wins.

  5. Green is very important to me. I invested in solar power for my home, intentionally shop for low, no emission transportation. I am also a Franciscan, and St. Francis was the first radical environmentalist. It is our responsibility to be good stewards of the riches of this earth, to take care of it for future generation, not to rape and plunder the resources for personal gain.

    I think many more people are aware of your efforts than you may think, and I for one, applaud your efforts,

    Thank you.

  6. You got it right when you said customers are unwilling to pay more.

    As far as the value of a “green” company, not wasting materials, not endangering the environment (e.g., with toxic or harmful byproducts), and using energy-efficient factories are all noble and I appreciate them, but paying more to be “certified” as green or buying carbon offsets is a waste to many consumers.

    Of course, those of us who like Rhodia/Clairefontaine/Quo Vadis do so because of the quality above all else, and we’re willing to pay more for that. Unfortunately, my gut feeling is that a majority of consumers, though, see a red planner next to another red planner from China that costs half as much, and it’s an easy decision for them.

  7. Being green is important to me. I think it’s part of the whole Clairefontaine story so maybe people don’t have to seek it out. But I do appreciate it when buying Rhodia or Clairefontaine products.

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