Time management Monday: Trick yourself

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In my effort to embrace earliness (as I wrote about here), I have to play some tricks on myself. I’m not naturally an early person, so I have to do some clever trickery to make myself think things need to happen earlier than they actually do.

One trick I’ve discovered that works really well is to give myself extra time to get places, and write my departure time in my planner. For example if I need to be at the dentist for my 10:30 appointment, of course I write that in my planner. But I also write above that what time to leave. And the real trick is, to give myself extra time. So if it normally takes 30 minutes to get there, I’ll give myself 45 minutes. Then I write “Depart 9:45” in my planner. That time is now fixed in my mind as the time I need to leave. This simple trick has been working really well for me.

Another trick is to do a similar thing with deadlines. Say for example something is due on Friday. I will write in my planner that I need to have it finished by Wednesday. This makes it stick in my mind that Wednesday is actually the due date, which gets me to finish it well before the deadline.

Do you play tricks on yourself in managing your time and tasks?

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  1. I use my phone for this in conjunction with my planner. On the iPhone, I program alerts. If you use travel time + customize, I rig it so I’m leaving a half hour ahead of hour long commutes and 15 minutes ahead of local appointments + transit times. That way I have a built in cushion for traffic delays.

    When writing the appointment on paper, back up ahead of the appointment and block in travel and prep time. Treat THAT as the start of your appointment. Then use any extra travel time to listen to audiobooks to catch up on study or even relax with a novel. Much more relaxing.

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