Test drive a pocket Habana notebook!

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Habana notebooks are the premium choice for an excellent writing experience. The smooth, 85 gsm ivory paper is acid- and cholorine-free. The cover is firm with a leather-like look and feel. A ribbon placemarker makes it easy to find your page, a pocket in the back holds cards and other small items. The elastic closure and rounded corners make this notebook the perfect companion to go with you everywhere.

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This giveaway is closed. You can see the list of winners here


5 thoughts on “Test drive a pocket Habana notebook!

  1. I’m really enjoying this little notebook. The paper is sweeeet! It holds up to even my “wet” fountain pens. It is a really nice size that is large enough to really write in but small enough to fit in a jacket pocket. I have been using it to write a page a day in and its about the right size for me since I generally don’t have that much to say or the time to labor over something to write in a journal. It would make an excellent book to write down passwords for websites, songwriting ideas, or to record things when you don’t have a computer or phone handy. Paper and pen has worked well for countless years, requires no power and is legible almost forever!!

  2. I really appreciate winning the Habana notebook. The size is perfect for carrying with me at all times, and it has a wonderful energy about it. The paper is top quality, as is usual for Quo Vadis, and the ivory color is easy on the eyes. The pocket in the back is very handy for small items and the elastic closure keeps everything neat. While I prefer really wide lines, these lines are not the really-narrow ones that you see in a lot of notebooks and are very workable for me. I would definitely recommend it. I’ve used QuoVadis planners for years, but had never tried a notebook. I will definitely check them out now, and am sure I will be buying more Habanas. Thanks so much.

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