Test drive a 2016 IB Traveler planner!

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This giveaway is now closed. You can see the list of winners here

This handy pocket size planner measures 3 1/2 by 6 3/4 inches. The white paper is smooth and 64 gsm to keep the book lightweight and ultra-portable.

The unique weekly format allows you to plan your schedule on the left page and keep your categorized lists on the right page.


This nifty little planner is packed with features like anno-planning pages for the current and next year:


Maps, international dialing codes, a removable addresses/ notes booklet, and more.


This is a great planner to take with you everywhere so you can check and change your schedule wherever you are.



This giveaway is now closed. You can see the list of winners here


3 thoughts on “Test drive a 2016 IB Traveler planner!

  1. I received the IB 2016 Traveler Planner earlier this year from Quo Vadis have been using it for the last few weeks. Here are my thoughts on the planner –

    When I signed up for the giveaway, I knew it was going to be a small planner. It was not until I saw it in actuality that I realized quite how compact it is. But inspite of the compact size, it is a little gem with many great features. The space on the right hand page for notes, to-dos and other random jottings is a handy feature of the Quo Vadis weekly planners – great space to jot down phone numbers, addresses, and all those random little details that do not need to be in the daily spaces, and yet are required during the day.

    I love the monthly calendar in the upper right corner showing the weekly and monthly layout. It is amazing that they have managed to fit a whole monthly calendar in the limited space without compromising the readability. Without this feature, it is very easy to lose one’s bearings in the calendar year.

    The note booklet with space for addresses and additional notes pages is by far my favourite feature of the planner. It is very handy to note down emergency contacts, information that is needed on the go. There is also a section for passwords, if one is inclined to put them to paper. This section is removable, so it can be taken out and carried by itself and moved from the current year’s planner to the next year.

    In the weekly pages, the smaller space for each day may not work well for appointment heavy days, but for the odd appointment here and there, it works very well. I do adjust my handwriting and write a little bit smaller than I normally do, so as to not run across the days.

    If I had to tweak the planner, I would make eliminate the next year’s Anno planner, and the maps (they are rather small and difficult to read) and instead leave those pages as blank notes/to-do pages to give some extra space to make notes or to-do lists.

    I love the whiteness of the paper. It is very easy on the eyes. The gray printing is just the right amount of contrast and gives the pages an elegant look.

    The planner is amazingly light-weight! It weighs next to nothing and feels awesome to carry it around. The planner travelled with me a 10 day trip over spring break in March and I never even remembered that it was there in my bag. Most planners have a way of making their presence felt with their weight and footprint in the hand-bag, but not the IB Traveler. I am planning on taking it along with me on 2 more trips we have planned in the rest of this year.

    My planner came with the violet/purple cover. It is a pleasant color and the cover feels soft to the touch.

    I am currently using the IB Traveler as a health journal, and have been using it to keep track of symptoms and also as a food diary. I am trying to think of creative ways to integrate it as a weekly planner into my ring-bound Compact size, monthly-daily (2 PPD) planner set up. Ideas and tips most welcome!

    Thank you for sending me this planner. Quo Vadis planners never disappoint!

  2. This planner packs a lot into a small space and is very functional for its size. It’s perfect for jotting short, even abbreviated reminders on the go, while offering a full week-at-a-glance overview of your schedule. The design favors fine point pens and tiny, precise handwriting; not a good choice for big loopy scrawlers.

    The booklet at the back is great for storing information that you’ll eventually want to transfer to the next year’s planner without having to recopy it.

    I have just a couple of quibbles:
    The “International Telephone Access Codes” and continent maps are unreadable at this size.
    Annual planning grids are dense with symbols and numbers, most of them unreadable.

    I would suggest you keep the current and future year annual planning grids but clean out all of the notations (week numbers, holidays, moon phases), as those are easily found on the weekly pages. Also, it’s unnecessary to number the weeks in the monthly calendar, upper right of the weekly spread; there’s a notation above the calendar for that.

    I would rate this sturdy pocket planner an 8 out of 10.

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