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QV: Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

TH: My name is Trish Hillery. I live in Rhode Island, USA. I was born and raised in Ireland, and came to the US on a track scholarship. I teach 8th Grade English in the largest Middle School in RI. In my spare time, I am a competitive runner, hobby artist, avid reader, and animal lover. I have three almost grown children and three little dogs. Most of my artwork is posted on my Flikr page (under my name). I have also kept a Journal since I was ten years old, and never miss writing in it.


QV: How and when did you first discover Quo Vadis products?

TH: I discovered QV products just last summer at my local Barnes and Noble in Smithfield, RI. I was looking for a Weekly Planner to use as a teacher Lesson Plan book, tired of the same school-generated ones.


QV: Which are your favorite Quo Vadis products?

TH: I’ve only used the Scholar weekly Planner, with the beautiful azure blue color; I love it.

QV: Do you always use the same products, or do you change periodically?

TH: Since this is my first QV, I’ve not yet had a chance to compare QV items, but I’m excited to explore others.

QV: Do you use them in any way that is specific to your work?

TH: I use my planner to organize my lesson plans for teaching English to 5 groups of Middle School students every day of the school year. The format of the weekly planner lends itself well to writing out my plans for the week. I usually do this on Sunday afternoon. There’s plenty of room for my notes, To-Do’s etc.


QV: Does using Quo Vadis products make your job easier in any way? (Do quality tools make the job easier?)

TH: Yes, my planner makes my job much easier than when I was using a different planner. The size, and its ability to lay flat on my desk, mean that I always know exactly what I’m meant to teach to each group of students that come into my classroom. Toting it to and from class is easy, since it is flexible, durable, and fits perfectly in my workbag.


QV: Do you prefer using pencil, pen or other? Favorites?

TH: I’ve not yet used any QV writing instruments. I do like to write with a fountain pen and pencil as I plan my lessons. As an artist, I like to embellish my Planner. Therefore, I tend to use prismacolor pencils to sketch images on the Sat/Sun pages (since I don’t have lessons on those days). I also painted a beautiful nature scene onto the cover of my planner, and was delighted with how nicely it bonded to the surface.

Painted QV

QV: Where do you regularly purchase Quo Vadis products?

TH: I purchased my QV Weekly Planner at Barnes and Noble bookshop in Smithfield, RI.

QV: Is there any way we could improve on your favorite product?

TH: If I were to improve on the product, it would be to insert one plastic insert, to hold mementos.

Many thanks to Trish for being featured here on Quo Vadis blog!

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