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How a Greenskeeper Stays Organized: Using a Page Per Day Planner

This is the first year I have used a planner since high school. Several things led me towards the decision to use a planner, a bound book with dates inside planner, not a digital calendar that syncs between all my devices and is shareable with my wife and with me at all times planner. In this digital age that may seem counterproductive but I have found it rewarding and practically useful.

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The first thing that led me towards using a Quo Vadis planner is falling in love with fountain pens. Like an expensive car shows its true power on a race track and not on your neighborhood road, a great pen shows its splendor on great paper.

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As I began using fountain pens more I began seeking out higher quality paper. My planner of choice the Exacompta Journal 21 is a stand out choice for great paper in a planner.

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I also began managing a second golf course property the summer of 2015. In years past and this past summer I would jot the daily schedule down in any old notebook and when I wasn’t too busy try to remember to keep a separate journal of daily task, equipment maintenance, weather, employee absences or tardiness, etc. As the season came to a close this fall I realized I needed a more organized way to write the schedule, journal, and keep dates. I soon came upon page per day planners and being familiar with Rhodia and Clairefontaine notebooks quickly ordered a Journal 21 page per day planner.

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The way I use my planner has evolved over the past month and may still need some dialing in; (I keep finding more great tips on the Quo Vadis blog). I have two, page per day planners. My Journal 21 is used for one property I manage as well as my personal out of work planner. The other planner; made in Germany by a reputable company, is in my opinion of a lesser quality and less useful than the Journal 21 but is used similarly just for the other property I manage. My main writing is in the schedule for each day in the winter time I have 2 employees at each property so schedule writing is fairly simple but in golf season will increase to 8-10 men at one property and 6-8 men at the other. I write out what each employees planned daily tasks are separating the task with hand drawn boxes so I can keep track of complete and incomplete tasks by checking off the task as completed at the end of each day allowing me to start planning for the following day. If an employee is absent or late I will place an asterisk next to their name and then an asterisk down the page with notes explaining. This will often be the majority of my page.

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Other items I keep track of at work are the daily weather, irrigation cycles ran, irrigation problems or fixes, and equipment breakdowns. I use the top box to record the daily high and low temperature, general conditions (i.e. sunny, cloudy, windy), and the amount of precipitation in the past 24 hours. This helps me track better for scheduling and communicating with golfers about course conditions. As a note for fountain pen users, I also recommend using a blotting paper in your planner so when you write those quick notes and need to close the book or move pages you prevent smearing. I just cut a piece of sketch paper out of one of my daughters sketch books and it works great.

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I also currently use the planner personally as well. I record important dates and events outside of work. Home related items are noted by and “h” with a circle and other events by bullets or stars. My wife will be pleased I wrote to buy the anniversary gift a few weeks before the anniversary. If you do not have prior notification of coming events it is hard to remember, I learned the hard way.

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As well as having the weather in the top box I use it as to practice my Spanish with writing out one word per day in Spanish with the English equivalent. Finally I use it to write out a question and answer per day of a Baptist Catechism I am studying to help strengthen my understanding of the teachings of Scripture.

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As I write this I am 33 days into writing a page per day and I quite enjoy it. I am remembering more dates and events and feel more confident in planning ahead by using paper and pen versus a digital calendar. My pages may change over time but I have no doubt this will be a yearly practice for me. I hope to one day have a shelf with several years of journals there to refer back to helping me to plan for the future, and thank God for his past provisions.

How do you use your planner? How might I use mine better?

Many thanks to Kenneth for showing us how he is using his Journal 21 planner! If you would like to be featured here on Quo Vadis blog showing how you use your Quo Vadis planner or notebook, email Laurie (at) Exaclair (dot) com. If you are featured, we will send you a Quo Vadis planner or notebook of your choice as a thank you gift!

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  1. Thank you Kenneth for sharing how you use your planner. I also enjoy writing with a fountain pen and have now started using one with a fine nib. Mine dries extremely fast.
    Writing down one Spanish word per day (or any other language that you want to learn) is such a great idea.

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