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1) Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am an ex sailor. I used to sail oil tankers of varied sizes transporting hydrocarbons around the world. I’ve also had a huge interest in shipping finance. Am now working for an energy company and help them in the commercial management of their vessels and any issues that may arise from them.

2) How and when did you first discover Quo Vadis products?

A couple of years ago when I quit my sailing career and started living my life on a normal routine, I thought I’d go find a good planner that would best suit my needs. I experimented with free printouts available for download and after going through various formats found that the weekly format best suited my primary needs. However I started losing pages and they were leaving my desk in a mess. This made me do a google search based on images with weekly format planners. And I saw a picture of a Trinote and decided to experiment with one.

3) Which are your favorite Quo Vadis products?
The Trinote/ Septanote.

Trinote cropped

4) Do you always use the same product(s) or do you change periodically?

Apart from the Trinote/Septanote – I have used the Plannerisms planner and the Moleskine Action Planner and a few other custom made ones.

5) Do you use them in any way that is specific to your work?

Yes I monitor ships movements, so the weekly format allows me to view my ships schedule at a glance – the space below each day also allows me to write tasks specific to a ship. I also know my appointments at a glance for the week.

6) Does a using Quo Vadis product make your job easier in any way? (Do quality tools make the job easier?)

Well the Trinote does a great job for me, and quite a few people tend to notice it, although they find it a bit expensive to purchase.

Quality is an individual choice I guess and affordability constraints aside, I think most individuals want to own something that is an expression of themselves.

Products owned by people give you the insight into what the individual wants and chances are they also endeavour to create something of equal if not better quality in their own tasks.

7) Pencil, pen, or other? Favorites?

Uniball Jetstream Multipen (0.7) 4 + 1

8) Where do you regularly purchase Quo Vadis products?
Via the QV UK website and Bureau Direct.

9) Is there any way we could improve on your favourite product?

I am quite influenced by the Goal setting ideas of Zig Ziglar /Brian Tracey and Jim Rohn. So my ideal planner would allow me to combine my goal setting work with the daily work part.

So first suggestion to have a product like Zig Ziglars Performance planner.

Other suggestions are a page or area for:
a. Book list
b. People I admire that I would love to meet in person
c. Places to visit in the year.
d. Monthly Planning pages
a. A pen flap
b. A calf skin cover deep brown/burgundy colour

If you would like to be featured in a Fan Profile here on Quo Vadis blog, email Laurie (at) Exaclair (dot) com. If you are featured, we will send you a Quo Vadis planner or notebook of your choice as a thank you gift!

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