Writing Wednesday, Page Per Day Challenge: Back-filling days

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Some folks who are doing our Page Per Day Challenge (which you can read more about here) have said they have already missed some days. Not to worry! One of the wonderful things about having a designated page for every day is that it’s easy to back-fill days without messing up the chronology of your book. Just continue on to the next page for the next day, and fill in past days later.

If you are using a dated page per day planner, it’s easy because the book has already done it for you. If you are using an undated notebook, just write the day and date at the top of the page as usual and come back to it when you have time.

This usually happens to me on weekends. I’m busy doing things and I don’t take the time to write. And yet, weekends are when I do the most fun things that I want to capture in my book.

What works well for me is to jot the basics of what happened at the top of the page (like in the photo at the top of this post), then later when I have time I can go back and fill in the details. This is a great way to capture what happened before I forget, and write the details later when I can really sit down and write.

Don’t worry about missing a day here or there, it happens to everyone! Just jump back in where you are and fill in the day later.

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  1. I don’t carry my journal with me. I do carry a pocket Filo with me in which I keep appointments, to dos, a bullet journal, and check register. I can use this to go back and fill in my Journal 21, and other records . I also use Excompta 3×5 cards in squared format which are printed on both sides in a pocket brief case from Levenger. These are both great aids, and I archive both in a regular 3×5 card file.

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