Writing Wednesday, Page Per Day Challenge: Other people’s contributions

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If you are doing our Page Per Day Challenge, you don’t have to do it alone; get other people to contribute to your daily page!

I’ve always loved to let my kids write and/ or draw in my planners and notebooks. Above you can see a drawing my son did in my Journal 21 day per page planner several years ago. I like to hand my book over to my kids when they are bored–waiting in restaurants is an especially good time–and let them do whatever they like. It’s fun to look back later at their little-kid drawings in my daily books over the years.

You can have anyone you like make contributions to your daily pages: your children or grandchildren, your significant other, family or friends. You could leave your book open on your desk at work and ask anyone who visits your desk that day to write or draw a little something on the day’s page.

Having the people near you contribute to your day’s page will capture the moment in time when you knew these people as they are now. Later when you look back at your book it will paint a more complete picture of your life, including the people in it.

Have you tried letting other people contribute to your daily pages?

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