Test drive a 2016 Miniweek planner!

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This giveaway is now closed. You can see the list of winners here.

Miniweek-croppedThe Miniweek is very portable, measuring 2 3/4 by 3 3/4 inches. It is big enough to tuck a few business cards or a credit card into the front or back pocket.

This tiny planner is packed with excellent features. The week view shows holidays and moon phases, with a space for notes. (You can click on the photos for a larger view.)

Miniweek week

The ivory paper is gorgeous and smooth, light and strong at 55 gsm.

There are reference calendars for the current and next year.


In the back of the planner are pages for contacts and notes.


This little planner slips into any pocket so there’s no excuse for not being ready to schedule an appointment or check a date. It’s a great satellite for your desk planner or backup for your phone.

Club covers

This giveaway is now closed. You can see the list of winners here.


4 thoughts on “Test drive a 2016 Miniweek planner!

  1. I too was a winner of the 2016 Miniweek Planner, and I received the red one, which matches my red wallet/iphone wristlet and it fits nice inside. I have a Filofax Pocket planner in my purse, however with this planner since it fits in my wristlet, I can just take that with me when I run out for a quick errand and I don’t want my bulky bag. Right now it’s main use, is to track my workouts, because I misplaced my Sapa-X, which I bought for that reason. If I didn’t misplace my Sapa-X, I would use it to track my spending, since it fits in my wallet.

    My handwriting is more suited for a bigger planner, but what I like about this one, is the fact that it lays flat and it’s easier to write in especially the left side of planner, no struggling with spirals/notebook rings. The paper is smooth, writing is a dream. The one thing I miss is the tear-off corners, that’s the only improvement I would see. I will definitely get a refill for next year.

  2. I also won a Miniweek in the giveaway – thanks, Karen! – and while first a bit taken aback by its size (it really is very small), I’m still surprised at how much information I’m managing to pack into it. It’s definitely pocket-sized, and I’ve only recently come to realize just how great a good pocket-sized planner can be. At any given time, I’m going to a meeting, or a class, or even to another desk, armed with lots of pens and at least one notebook or legal pad; being able to carry a planner in my skirt or shirt pocket is a great way to lighten the load!

    As for the planner itself, here’s what I really like: The color (mine is lilac, and really attractive – someone stopped by just now and picked it up to look at it while I’m typing!) The paper, a nice off-white color, very smooth and nice to write on (I’ve used a Sharpie pen and my Kakuno fountain pen – both work well. A Pilot V5 was a bit heavy on the page, though, and showed a bit more on the reverse side.) The actual spaces for each date – enough room to set out my plans for the day. The pocket inside the cover, that I’m using to hold some business cards in case anyone ever asks (they probably won’t!) Lots of note pages at the end – while the lines are too small to hold many addresses or phone numbers, I’ve been using them to make notes of things to file elsewhere, like passwords that I’ve just set up or the pizza take-out phone #. And my favorite part of all: months, dates, and holidays are all in bright red, and SO easy to spot! (I was struggling with another planner last month while writing a syllabus – hard to plan classes around things like Spring Break, Good Friday, etc. when you can barely read the date info!)

    Only suggestion I have: it would be good to have some way to mark or find the current page, although I realize the ‘tear-off corner’ wouldn’t work well with a small planner like this. For now, I’m just using a post-it tab, and that works fine.

    All in all – very nice planner. Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. Feedback from a giveaway winner…
    I was fortunate enough to be one of the giveaway winners of the Quo Vadis Miniweek 2016 Diary.

    Some background on me . . . I have been using an A5 size journal in the Bullet Journal fashion for 16 months. It has been a learning experience but I like it. The biggest drawback of the A5 format is you can’t take with you everywhere conveniently. Especially in social settings where I am handicapped without it (because I am not able to schedule new appointments nor look up existing ones). Also I noticed that many of my tasks and notes were short entries and I was wasting a good deal of the real estate on each page.

    I wanted something that would fit into my shirt pocket AND was fountain pen friendly. The Quo Vadis Miniweek meets that criteria to a tee.
    1) It easily fits into all of my shirt pockets. Every single one.
    2) The paper is as fountain pen friendly as any I’ve tried including Tomoe River. There is no detectable feathering nor bleed through. I tried Pilot Blue-Black, Noodler’s Zhivago, Diamine Imperial blue, Chesterfield Ruby, and Chesterfield Archival inks. Like other lightweight papers there is some minor show-through or ghosting but not enough to pose a problem with written entries on both sides of a single sheet.

    So, in summary, the good news is the Miniweek is as small as thought I wanted my planner to be and the paper quality is outstanding for fountain pen use.

    The only concern I have is I may need something larger. My handwriting is not especially legible. The smaller my writing, the less legible it is. I will be practicing my technique to see if I can use the Miniweek comfortably over the long term. I hope so. It is very well made and really, really handy.

  4. (Disclaimer: I received this product as part of a giveaway and was asked to share my feedback. All views expressed are my own honest opinion.)
    This was my first product from Quo Vadis. As accurate as the description for the planner was, I was still a little surprised at how tiny it was. (But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.) For its purpose, the planner is wonderfully slim and portable, smaller than my phone. I liked that there were a few pages in the back for notes, and I wouldn’t say no to a few more pages. =) The paper quality is nice and smooth — I just wish there were more of it! I realized I’m the type of person who needs much bigger notebooks to write in, but I think this planner would be great for keeping track of one or two things (budgeting, exercise logs, reading logs, birthdays, etc.).

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