Reader question: Which pens on which paper?

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Recently a reader emailed us to ask which pens work best on the various weights of paper in Quo Vadis planners.

All Quo Vadis planners use Clairefontaine paper, but the paper is of different weights (thickness) in different planners.

For example in our pocket size Space 17, the paper is 55gsm to keep the planner thin and lightweight.

Our daily Textagenda (academic year) and Notor (January-December) planners have 64gsm paper to keep the book light and portable. The daily Journal 21 has slightly thicker paper at 72gsm.

In general we recommend our planners with 90gsm paper (which you can see here) for fountain pen use, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the planners with thinner paper can’t be used with fountain pens. Thinner nibs and not-so-wet inks might work fine.

Other pens work well on the thinner paper too. You will probably see the writing from the back side of the page, but with the right pens there should be no bleed-through (where the ink blots through to the opposite side of the page) or feathering (where the ink “feathers” out from the line of writing causing the line to look blurry).

Which pens do you prefer to use on the various weights of paper in your Quo Vadis planners? Our reader is looking for pen recommendations in particular for the Textagenda, Scholar and Minister planners. She wants to know if anyone has used Papermate Flair, Sharpie pens, ballpoint, or Energel 0.7 pens on these papers.

Thanks for any recommendations!

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  1. I’ve used fountain pens in the Notor and Journal 21. Both work fine unless you have a really dark and wet ink. I’ve used my vintage pens with these planners as well. Since the paper is Clairefontaine, you can trust it’s reliability even if the weight varies.

  2. Everything except the Sharpie should work pretty well. There are older reviews of the paper on Fountain Pen Network if she does a Google search. Avoid Sharpies, even the extra fine points, as they tend to absorb through multiple pages of every brand of paper I’ve ever used. Papermate Flairs are so much dryer that I use them on even the cheap stuff. The problem with thinner pencils are the ridges and tears they leave on thin papers. The softer leads work far better than the hard.

  3. I use a Scholar planner, primarily with gel pens and medium, fine, and extra-fine fountain pens. None bleed through but I can see the shadow of the fountain pen ink. I just tried Sharpie Pens–no bleed-through. I don’t have any Papermate Flairs, but Sharpie Ultra Fines do bleed through.

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