Time management Monday: Planner needs change over time

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The type of planner that worked for you in a previous phase of life might not work for you in your current phase of life. Planner needs change over time, so it’s worth re-evaluating your planner if it’s not working optimally for you, even (or especially) if you’ve been using the same planner for a long time.

Most of us start using some sort of planner in school. At that time, planning needs are mainly for school assignments and exams, after-school activities, and when students are older, part time work schedules. Many students like to use an open-format planner in pocket size for portability or larger if they have a lot to write each day.

group_incl_hebdo_2000 (2)

Open format academic planners: Scholar and Sapa X Academic

After graduation, people’s lives generally get busier with university/ graduate school and/ or full time work. Balancing a variable schedule with personal and social commitments can be tricky. It helps to use a planner with timed daily columns so you can see your entire week’s schedule, plan appointments, and do time blocking to help you reach all your goals.

weekly_planning_diaries_2000 (2)

Trinote and Minister planners with timed daily columns

As we get older we find ourselves wearing multiple “hats” and having many different roles in life: work, family, partner, community, etc. We find ourselves keeping track of multiple people in our planner and dividing our time accordingly. It helps to use a planner with notes pages where you can write all your weekly tasks and things to remember. This allows you to see everything you need to do, so nothing slips through the cracks.

_weekly_notes_new-ivory_2000 (2)

Planners with notes pages: Note 27, Space 24 and Space 17

How have your planner needs changed over time?


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