January review: Back on track

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Railroad Tracks

This year we are doing themed reviews every month. Each month will have a different theme, to get you to think more deeply about how you spent your time during the previous month.  If you are doing our Page Per Day Challenge, it can be a topic for your daily writing. If you journal, these could be some journaling prompts for you.

This month’s theme is getting back on track. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions and/ or annual goals at the beginning of the year. But the truth is, in the Northern hemisphere, January is probably the most difficult time of the year to make major changes. The darkness and cold don’t help motivation levels. Especially for those of us who have experienced extreme weather this month, we may not have been able to make much headway toward our goals.

Revisit your resolutions/ goals. Remind yourself why you made them in the first place: why are they important to you? Now think about the positive steps you were able to take this month. What did you accomplish toward your goals?

Now give yourself a hard dose of reality: where did you fall short? Why were you not able to reach your targets? It could be illness, an especially busy time at work, family issues, or several feet of snow/ water wreaking havoc with your life. Write all these down on a piece of paper. Now tear that paper up into the tiniest pieces you can. Put those things behind you, it’s time to move forward!

Think of all the things you can do in the upcoming month to work steadily toward your goals. Give yourself weekly targets, and decide ahead of time on what rewards you will give yourself when you reach those targets.

Think of any roadblocks you might encounter, and come up with strategies to work around them.

Your goals are important! Give yourself permission to spend the time and energy you need to reach them.

How are you getting back on track this month?

Themed month reviews are on the last Thursday of every month. You can see all the Month Review posts here, and in the sidebar under the pull-down menu under Month Review.

One thought on “January review: Back on track

  1. Break things down into steps, as well. I draw a line across the bottom of the days in the monthly planning section to show when an event or project crosses multiple days.

    Then allot the hours you need for each step, building in buffer time, meals, exercise, etc in between.

    In my case, I have a daily word count that, if met, allows me to have a certain number of words completed by the deadline. Without the buffers built in, all my other deadlines have to slide – editing, cover art, etc.

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