InCoWriMo in February!

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February is International Correspondence Writing Month, or InCoWriMo for short. What a great way to get people all over the world writing actual paper correspondence to each other! There’s nothing like getting a hand written post card or letter. People from lots of countries are participating. You can see a world map showing the locations of participants all over the world on their website

The idea is to hand write a postcard, card or letter and send or deliver it yourself, every day for the whole month. To learn how it’s done, see the InCoWriMo FAQ page. And for more “details” on how to participate, see their how-to page. Use their Correspondence Tracker to log your correspondence sent.

I don’t plan to participate in the daily letter writing, but it has made me think about sending paper correspondence more. We live in a different country from my parents, and they love to receive cards and letters from my kids. I’ll make a point of doing that more, because I know how precious those written items are.

Are you participating in InCoWriMo in February?

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  1. I have several penpals and regularly write to them. It’s great to receive letters in the post and I think it’s a dying art that needs to be revived.

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