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fernand hess

The Group Exacompta Clairefontaine owns a number of companies that manufacture agendas and organizers.  They include Quo Vadis, Exacompta, Mignon and L’Agenda Moderne.  Quo Vadis and Exacompta are sold in the U.S. Mignon and L’Agenda Moderne are sold in France.

Both Mignon and L’Agenda Moderne are known for their beautiful leather covers. The Mignon leather comes from a special tannery in Italy and the covers are finished in France.  The L’Agenda Moderne leathers come from India, and their covers are also finished in France.  Neither organizer is sold in the U.S. since they are available in French only. However, we do sell selected covers with some of our Exacompta and Quo Vadis planners.

Mignon favors classic colors, and the selections from L’Agenda Moderne, which often match two colors, are trendy and chic. We call them “Duo Leather.”

couverture QV usa ministre fermee v2

L’Agenda Moderne was founded by Fernand Hess in 1919 in Paris. He established his workshop (maroquinerie) to manufacture diaries and small leather goods.

Coincidentally, G. Lalo, another of our brands, was also founded in Paris in the same year. Georges Lalo and Fernand Hess were determined young men with a great sense of style and taste.

I met the grandson of the founder of L’Agenda Moderne a few years ago at a trade show in NY. Like his grandfather, he selected each leather, designed the different covers, and personally supervised their manufacture.

We will be introducing some new Duo Leather covers with the 2017 planners this year.

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