2016 Exaplan winners!

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Many thanks to everyone who participated in our Exaplan monthly planners giveaway! Here are the winners:

Peter C.

Kim W.

David M.

Derrick D.

Heidi W.

Sharon A.

Kathleen S.


Mairi M.

Kim K.

Congratulations! The winners have already been contacted by email.

If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry, there are more giveaways coming soon here on Quo Vadis blog!

7 thoughts on “2016 Exaplan winners!

  1. My Exaplan arrived a couple of weeks ago, and while I was impressed, particularly with the soft-touch Texas cover, my wife adores it.

    Although she already uses two paper calendars (and I use one more), when the Exaplan showed up, she immediately let me know she had a use in mind for it, and it’s quickly become the most important calendar in our lives.

    After multiple miscarriages, my wife was diagnosed with a condition that makes it extremely difficult for an egg to develop properly within her. By taking the right medication at the right times, she is able to control the condition, and we now have two amazing children because of this regimen. But it is critical that she begins her treatments as soon as it is possible that she could be pregnant.

    As we’re considering a third child, tracking her cycle is paramount, and this calendar has been perfect. The small, pocketable size means that she has no trouble always carrying it in her purse where it is always ready, the attractive, small date boxes are plenty big enough to record what she needs to, and the ability to glance at an entire month at a time helps her keep perspective.

    While she’ll use any handy ballpoint pen to write in it, I can attest that the paper will stand up fine to a medium nib fountain pen. My Pilot Knight definitely showed a noticeable amount of feathering, but the smooth paper shows almost no show-through and my fast-drying ink did, indeed, dry very quickly, within ten seconds.

    Even the soft-touch Texas cover showed up in blue, my wife’s favorite color.

    So while this calendar is not my wife’s main planner, it is certainly the most important, and it has served its role quite well. It is absolutely the right tool for what we’re using it for.

  2. I, too was waiting until I had used for a bit. I loved the softness and the size, but was hoping to be able to use a fountain pen. Not a big deal, as I can use a gel pen. It is perfect to track work schedule and hours, with space to keep other important information. Thanks for the Explan, I will enjoy using it.

  3. I was looking for a small calendar that I could use to keep track of my appointments. I have a desk calendar, but it’s too big to carry around. The 2016 Exaplan is very slim and has a month on 2 pages layout. The calendar starts in July of the previous year so it would be a good choice for students. For my personal use, I only have one or two appointments each day so they fit in the square for the day. The paper not’s so great with fountain pens. The ink doesn’t dry quickly enough and gets on the opposite page so now I’m using gel pens, which work much better. The Exaplan also has a few pages for notes in the front and the back of the planner, which I’m sure will come in handy. If you need a minimalist calendar, the Exaplan is a great choice.

    • Hey Sharon!

      I’m using Noodler’s Q-Ternity blue-black ink in a medium-nib Pilot Knight pen, and while I’m certainly seeing feathering, dry time in the Exaplan is outstanding, no more than 5-10 seconds. Noodler’s line of quick-dry inks have been fast on every paper this left-hander has tried, and makes a fine match for the Exaplan. Try it out if you haven’t.

  4. Dear All,
    I received the Exaplan monthly planner about two weeks ago. I waited a bit to have the time to use it and see what features I liked. Here they are:

    • I love the feel of the cover. The cover is a lovely lush, soft velvety texture. I don’t know what this material is but it pleases my inner self greatly.
    • The Exaplan monthly planner includes both 2016 and 2017 6 month spreads. This really helps in planning / seeing vacations / extended time off with color coding.
    • The entire thing is printed on paper that is smooth and won’t cause a pencil to jump because it met a rough spot on the paper. The paper feels good to the fingers.
    • There are charts on world time zones and international calling – so that you won’t call friends at inappropriate hours.
    • The size I have is roughly the size of a checkbook, so I just drop it in my purse with the wallet and go.
    Thank you for holding the giveaway and for choosing me!

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