Writing Wednesday: How to break through an empty page

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Starting a new planner or notebook can be daunting: that perfect, empty page stares back at you, daring you to write something sublime and significant enough to justify sullying its pristine condition. Here’s how to break through that empty page and make it your own.

Part of the reluctance to write on a blank page is the thought of “messing it up.” If you think of a blank page as being in a condition of perfection, anything you do to it will “ruin” it. Shift your thinking to the realization that an empty page is flawed. It’s like an empty cup: it has no purpose. It exists in order to be filled, and the contents enjoyed.

Once you think of an empty page as a vessel that needs to be filled, you release yourself from the self-imposed constraints of perceived perfection.

Another method for forcing yourself to write on the empty page is one of the principles of our Page Per Day Challenge: when you commit to writing a page every day, an empty page represents a wasted page (and a wasted day). This is especially true if you use a dated page per day planner as your daily writing book. The dated pages will encourage you to write consistently every day, so you don’t waste any pages.

Remember the book is in its imperfect form when it is empty. The pages will hold the record of your life, and that is far more precious than an empty book.

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