Pocket planners popular with men?

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Sapa X

In our recent giveaway of the pocket size Sapa X weekly planners, I noticed that proportionally more men entered than we usually get in our giveaways. Naturally, we wondered why.

My hypothesis is that pocket planners are popular with men because they can, as the name suggests, carry them in their pocket. Since many women carry a bag of some sort, women can go bigger with their planner.

This is just my initial idea though. Do you think pocket planners are more popular with men? Why?

7 thoughts on “Pocket planners popular with men?

  1. I think your hypothesis is correct Laurie. Many men don’t carry any sort of a bag, and only have a pocket, whereas most women use some sort of bag. My daily carry is a xtra slim pocket Filofax, and without a closure or any tabs, it fits nicely in a shirt pocket. I make my own week on two pages on Tomoe River paper, and am able to easily have the current month, the last month, and the next month. I am amazed at how much information I can get into such a small space.

  2. Same as Steve here (and between my photobag, PC bag, messenger bag, I, too, receive the same comments from my wife 😉 ).
    I don’t like pocket planner not because I hate having stuff in my pocket (they’re filled with cell phone, keys and bandana), but because I like to have room to write when I use my planner. I, too, have a messenger bag to keep my planner, my FPs, and all my EDC stuff.

    This article is funny because I always thought pocket planners were for women! Why? Because their bag is so full that just a tiny planner could fit in. (Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me!)

  3. Absolutely! It has to be pocket! I rarely have a bag with me – unless I’m out hiking/ tramping in which case I’ll have a rucksack and need a lightweight notebook to throw in. Otherwise, I MUST have something that will fit in my pocket. Traditionally that would be a tall slim organiser such as a Filofax Slimline, Flex or bound planner. However, I rarely wear a jacket/blazer these days so my ideal would be something that would fit in the pocket of my trousers (pants). The Sapa X fits the bill!

  4. Pocket planners are the dream. I can’t make them work, but absolutely, I love things I can slip into my pockets. I carry a pocket notebook and a fountain pen, keys, a mobile phone, wallet with all currency and cards, and often other things as well. I use a bag out of necessity but would love to be able to live out of my pockets. My father has a tiny weekly calendar and a tiny address book he carries in his pockets, along with a gigantic wallet stuffed with all sorts of things.

  5. A promise made is a debt unpaid, says Mr. Service.
    Be there on time or be embarrassed.
    A pocket planner does the trick–there’s nothing to fail unless the dog eats it!

  6. Hello! I am a woman, and I have the University Pocket Weekly Planner, and have been using it for a few years. After using a different planner system that was bulky, I wanted something slim and small that would fit into one of my smaller purses, but that would not sacrifice the layout. Too often, pocket planners just give a blob of space for each day in the week, but it was important for me to see the days as a columns _with time slots_. The University Planner fits the bill. (I understand the Business Pocket Weekly Planner is the same for a calendar year start.)

  7. I’m obviously not your ‘typical man’ My weapons of ‘war’ in organisers/agendas/journals’ are A5 and A6 size currently!! And I use a man bag.. I hate stuff in any of the pockets of my clothes… And my wife is always telling me I have more bags than she does!!

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