Page-Per-Day Journaling Challenge

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I plan to participate in the Challenge group since I have always wanted to journal but never had the discipline or purpose to start and stick to it.  I hope that being part of a group will help me to persevere.

I’ve been giving some thought to what I will write about.  I plan to note the day’s weather; hi/low temperatures; one thing that surprised me and/or a mood doodle; and use the page to write down a quote that inspires or steadies me.

The British spiritual writer Evelyn Underhill used to advise her students to keep a “minute book” in their pocket or purse.  In it they could jot down phrases or prayers that resonated with them. Then, while waiting for an appointment or stuck in a line, they could take out the little book and get some spiritual nourishment.

Today, we have smart phones, texting and tablets to engage us in quiet moments, but I will also enjoy flipping through pages and then focusing on the present moment.



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  1. I´d love to get some suggestions how to write interesting. I did a lot of journaling but when I read it later I found it always so boring that I stopped doing it.

    • Hi Lu, the best thing is to think about what you would like to read later, and write on those topics.

      for years I wrote about my thoughts and feelings, emotions etc. and never ever read it. A few years ago I started writing a log of my day: what I actually did, cute things my kids said and did, notes, etc. I captured quotes and ideas, and made a record of my day. I enjoy reading these types of entries and have been consistently writing every day for more than two years now.

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