New series in 2016: Themed month reviews

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months - synaesthetic colors

In 2016 I’m going to be running a new series of guided monthly reviews here on Quo Vadis blog with a new theme every month. The posts will give you questions to think about (and journal about, if you like) according to that month’s theme.

Monthly reviews are a proven method for increasing your productivity and effectiveness, and for helping you track and reach your goals. Usually a month review goes like this: What did you accomplish this month? What were your roadblocks? How can you work around these to be more effective next month?

That’s a very useful exercise, but for 2016 we are going to do something more interesting. We will reflect on our month according to a new theme each month. These themes will get you to think more specifically about your month, and they will be more fun than your run of the mill review.

You will be able to use the topics as journaling prompts, to help you set and track goals, to increase your mindfulness and effectiveness. If you are doing the Page Per Day Challenge with us, it will give you a topic to write about as well.

I will run the themed monthly review on the last Thursday of every month so you know when to look for it. You will be able to see all the themed month review posts under the Month Review category, which you can find in the sidebar in the pull-down menu under Categories.

I hope you’ll join us in this exercise in 2016!

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