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We’ve been discussing changing the name of our brand website (which is where you can find information and ordering links for the entire US range of Quo Vadis planners and notebooks). Karen had the good point that QuoVadisPlanners is long and difficult to spell, so maybe we should switch it to something simpler?

One possibility is changing it to is already taken, as is so those are not options.

Do you have any suggestions for what to rename our website? What would be easier for you to remember, and spell?

Please post comments here with name suggestions. Thanks for your input everyone!

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  1. No matter what decision you reach about a name change, I would strongly recommend continuing to mirror to this site and keeping If only, as other have said, to keep all the older links, social links, and share buttons current and active. Because the Exacompata/QuoVadis brand is large and complex for US markets to understand already, changing the public face might only make it more complicated.

    I really enjoy the content you are providing here and the community that is growing and I’d hate to see that lost as a result of broken links and the launch of new web URL. A design refresh would probably be more than enough to show a new perspective without a complete upheaval. (Sorry to prattle on!)

  2. Kenneth, Exacompta makes its own brand of planners and notebooks. Given Quo Vadis was the stronger brand in the US, we decided to market Exacompta books along with Quo Vadis. Exacompta planners are Journal 21, Space 17 and Space 24. Space 17 has ivory paper and Journal 21 and Space 24 have slightly green tinted paper. That is a nod to Exacompta’s origin in 1928 as a manufacturer of fine accounting ledgers. The Quo Vadis planners sold in the US all have white paper except for the Note 27. Outside the US the “prestige” QV editions all have ivory paper.

  3. Leave it be and focus on getting your planners in locations that appreciate non Chinese made goods!

    Buy American, or French.
    We need to make things again!

  4. Save your money. Any change will cause more trouble than it’s worth. Regulars will have the site already bookmarked or in favourites. Nobody really remembers domain names these days! Users would have to update their favourites = hassle. New users will Google, as Kenneth suggests. Search engine robots would take time to find the new domain name, so you would have to run the two names side by side for many months, with each only getting a percentage of the traffic (and penalised by Google robots). Plus, all marketing material would have to be amended. So why bother?

    • As others have said… don’t change it, leave it as it is. You will lose traffic unless you keep the old address in parallel.
      At the moment I have to fight the Filofax site, which if I put in it takes me to the French site…. because I’m in France! Please don’t use the users location to determine which site I see… !!

  5. what I am confused about is why different websites list planners as quo vadis and others the same planner as Exacompacta.

  6. Although the name quo vadis planners is a little confusing since you also sell notebooks and accessories, I don’t believe a name change is necessary. I very rarely type in web address i usually just type in quo vadis in the search bar for example and if it doesn’t pop up as one of my recently visited I will just click the link from google.

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