Customer question: address books?

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Recently we received a question from a customer asking if Exaclair still makes address books. The good news is, yes!

Exaclair makes several address books in various sizes. They are available to purchase from Paper Bistro.

Karen recently posted that the A-Z address booklets for our planners are back due to popular demand.

We’ve had so many customers requesting address books and booklet inserts lately we can’t help but wonder: are paper address books making a comeback?

3 thoughts on “Customer question: address books?

  1. I do tend to use the paper address book in my planners for address, especially my social correspondence so I don’t have to be dependent on having an electronic device with me at all times. Sometimes, I just tape business cards into it just to keep the organized and all in one place.

  2. I was a little surprised that my 2016 Space 17, purchased from B&N, didn’t have an address insert. I’ll be using the one that came with my 2015 planner.

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