Choosing a planner to fit your needs

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Whether you’re a first-time planner user, are coming back to paper after using digital, or are a long-time paper planner user, this post will help you figure out the best planner for your needs.

In this post I’ll focus on weekly planners, because they fit the planning needs of most people. If you are interested in day per page or monthly planners, you can take a look at these posts I wrote last year to help you choose a day per page planner or a monthly planner from our variety of options.

Last year I wrote an overview of the three types of weekly planners: vertical daily columns (for very busy people who need to schedule by the hour or half hour), week with notes (for people who need to write lots of tasks, lists and/ or notes each week) and open format (for people who want unstructured space for each day.)

Within those three categories there are options for different sizes and layouts. Here’s how to easily narrow down all the options to find what works for you. The first thing to ask yourself is:

Portability/ page space:  These are two sides of the same coin. A smaller planner is more portable, which allows you to take it with you everywhere so you can check and update your schedule on the go. But a larger planner has more writing space on the pages, which is important if you are very busy and have a lot of scheduled events or tasks to write in your planner.

Quo Vadis planners come in a huge variety of sizes from tiny ones that fit in your pocket to full size ones that go in your bag or on your desk, and everything in between. You can see a chart of all the weekly planners in all sizes and formats here. I’ll take you step by step through all of your options until we find the right planner for you.

If you want to carry your planner in your pocket so you have it with you at all times, you don’t need to write a lot each day, and/ or you want to use your planner with/ as a backup for your phone, check out the Pocket size planners. Take a look at them in the row of the chart that says Pocket, and in a minute I’ll help you choose which format.

If (like me) you are very busy and need to write a lot, choose from the Large planners selection. Again I’ll help you choose which one in just a sec.

If you want a balance of lots of writing space in a portable size book that you can carry in your bag, look at the row of Compact planners.

Which format? So now that you know which size you need, let’s choose your format. Click through the highlighted links below for more information on each specific planner.

If you want the freedom and flexibility of writing whatever you need on unstructured day spaces, go for an open format planner. In Pocket size that’s a Sapa X. In the Compact size it’s the Hebdo planner (which also has monthly pages). You can see them both below:

Unstructured cropped

Hebdo and Sapa X open structure planners

If you need extra space each week to write your tasks, lists, notes, sketches, and anything else, look for a week with notes format. In the Large size it’s the Note 27; in Compact size it’s the Space 24 (which also has monthly pages) or the Rhodia planner; in Pocket size it’s the Space 17 (which also has monthly pages) or the Rhodia pocket planner. Lots of options there! Here are some of the weekly with notes planners:

With notes cropped

Note 27, Space 24 and Space 17 weekly planners with notes

If you are very busy and need to see your days scheduled to the hour or half hour, go for a planner with the days as vertical columns. In the planners chart these are the planners under Classic Format and With Daily Notes. In the Large size your options include the full size President or Prenote, or the slightly smaller Trinote. Compact options are the Minister and Visual (which also has monthly pages), and the smaller Executive. The pocket size planner with timed vertical days is the Business weekly planner. Here are some of the planners with vertical days:

weekly_planning_diaries_2000 (2)

Trinote and Minister weekly planners

So you can see, once you decide which size will work best for you, you can choose the format that best fits your needs.

If you need more help choosing a planner, I’m happy to help! You can post a comment here or you can email me at Laurie (at) Exaclair (dot) com for more specific suggestions.

4 thoughts on “Choosing a planner to fit your needs

  1. Hi there, just wanted to let you know that I really LOVE my QV Scholar Planner. I teach Middle School English, and this is the first year I’ve switched from a traditional teacher plan book to your Planner. Oh what a great planner this is; the soft, flexible yet strong cover is perfect to keep open on my desk, or bring home in my crowded bag. There’s plenty of space to write my lesson plans. I could go on and on about all the features. I even find room to draw some artistic sketches when I have a free second. Thank you so much for a brilliant product; I will spread the news to my colleagues. Cheers, Trish Hillery

    • Hi Trish, I’m so glad you love your Scholar planner! Thanks for letting us know! We’d love to feature you here on Quo Vadis blog (in exchange for a Quo Vadis product as a thank-you gift!). If you would like to, please let me know! You can email me at Laurie (at) Exaclair (dot) com.

  2. That Sapa X is intriguing. Curious as to what the dimensions are as I’d love to consider removing, hole punching and putting into my ringed planner. I’m a sucker a spacious horizontal week-on-two-page layout

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