A Vatican Surprise

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I love a scandal and a mystery; and often both are satisfied by Vatican intrigues.

The latest scandals are detailed in “Merchants in the Temple” a book by Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi.  Nuzzi was apparently aided an unlikely pair: a monsignor affiliated with the ultra conservative Opus Dei, and a flashy 30-something PR professional. They had served together on a papal commission to investigate money and fund pools in various Vatican agencies.  The Vatican believes the duo leaked confidential documents, recordings, and contributed a lot of salacious details for the tell-all book.  merchants in the temple


I started to read the first page, and imagine my happy surprise to read Pope Francis uses planners! (Maybe a Quo Vadis?)

“On July 28, 2013,” the first page began, “a few hours after his customary religious obligations, Pope Francis prepared to go to the Apostolic Palace.  As always, he checked his datebook first. “This is what I have always done.  I carry it in a black briefcase. Inside is a razor, a breviary, an appointment book, and a book to read.” The Pope carefully reviewed his notes.  That morning he had a meeting….”

Should we send Pope Francis a 2016 Quo Vadis planner?  If so, which one?

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