Writing Wednesday: How to use your planner with a Notebook part 2

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In the first post in this series I showed you some ways to use a notebook (any notebook) along with your planner (any planner). In this post I’ll show you some more specific ways to use your notebook as a supplement to your planner.

Whenever there is anything in your planner you need to expand on, write a circled N next to it. This indicates for you to look under that date in your notebook for additional details, lists or notes. Here are some examples:

If I need to run several errands, I can schedule that time in my planner. If I don’t want to bring along my planner, I can list the errands in my notebook for on-the-go reference. This also creates a record in my notebook of when I did those errands (for example, which day I mailed that package) so I can refer to it later if I need to. Cross-referencing with my planner makes it easy to find.

2015-11-17 2015-11-17 001 002

I like to use my notebook as a journal in addition to using it as a general catch-all book. When one of my children has a birthday party, I write a journal entry under that date in my notebook. I also write a list of guests, the gifts they gave, and whether the thank-you note has been sent. Linking all of this with the date in my planner allows me to schedule the event in my planner and capture the details in my notebook, all linked by the date.

2015-11-17 2015-11-17 001 004

This method also makes it easy to find meeting notes, filed by date and event.

2015-11-17 2015-11-17 001 003

By the way this planner is a Septanote, and the notebook I’ve used along with it is a pocket Habana.



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