Writing Wednesday: Fountain pen friendly planners and notebooks

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Since this Friday is Fountain Pen Day, I wanted to dedicate this Writing Wednesday to planners and notebooks that you can use with your favorite fountain pens!

As you probably know, the Clairefontaine paper used in Quo Vadis planners and notebooks is designed to be super-smooth and joyful to write on. Clairefontaine papers come in a variety of weights and colors. Some are specifically designed to give superior performance with fountain pens.

Recently, Karen did a post here on Quo Vadis blog listing all the Quo Vadis planners designed for excellent performance with fountain pens. You can see her post with the list here.

The Habana notebooks and ME journals have paper designed for fountain pen use and come in a variety of sizes from pocket to large. I did a post awhile back showing the paper in the Habana notebooks, and comparing it to the paper of some other well-known notebook brands. You can see that post here.

I’ve heard from readers who say they use a paper planner or notebook mainly so they can use their fountain pens. It gives a level of satisfaction and aesthetics above and beyond the usual writing experience.

Do you use fountain pens with your planner or notebooks? Which paper is your favorite? What pen and ink do you prefer?

One thought on “Writing Wednesday: Fountain pen friendly planners and notebooks

  1. The Quo Vadis ones are best, but as I didn’t see the year and half one for 2014-2015, I gave Passion Planner a try, and it’s a tie with Quo Vadis. PP paper is very fountain pen friendly, very little to no bleed through depending on the ink.

    As a speaker, I’m scheduling months in advance and Passion Planner’s year-long format wins.

    Still use a Day-Timer – a habit since 1976, and it’s better for documenting travel expenses and time, but most inks bleed through a bit. BayState Blue really soaks through.

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